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How often should I replace my Toothbrush?

Most dental professionals recommend changing your toothbrush every 2-3 months, or sooner if your bristles are frayed.

What is the Toothbrush made out of?

Plastic with a metal core.

What type of bristles are used in the Toothbrush?


Do the Toothbrushes come with a cover?


Can women use Toothbrushes?


What colours do the Toothbrushes come in?

Black and white.

Is the Toothbrush battery powered?


Why should I buy a Toothbrush?

It’s a high-quality toothbrush without the high price. Its ergonomic design helps reach distant nooks and crannies, the soft, compact head won't beat up your teeth or gums, and the multi-level bristles get in between teeth, for a complete clean.