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Razor Stand

How do I us the Razor Stand?

1. Put the Razor Stand next to your sink. 2. Stand your razor up, or lie it down flat. 3. Leave it there. 4. Pick it up when you need to shave, put it back when you’re done. 5. Admire your beautiful and well-organised sink.

Will the Razor Stand hold all DSC handles?

Yes! The Razor Stand will hold all DSC handles.

What is the Razor Stand made out of?

The Razor Stand is made from metal die-cast alloy and features a non-slip base.

Why should I buy the Razor Stand?

Our weighty metal stand, made of die cast alloy features an elegant design that lets you store your razor upright or face down.

Where can I buy the Razor Stand?

Buy it here! Your bathroom looks better already.