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How do I manage my account?

We’re all about convenience, so we’ve made it super simple to make your DSC Account work for you.

Are you receiving too many blades?
Change your blade frequency to every other month, skip a month at any time, or pause your account anytime you need.

Disliked the blade you tried?
Contact Us and we’ll send you a different blade to try on the house.

Experiencing issues with your account or products?
Contact Us. We’d love to find out more and help out.

Decided to grow a beard or off travelling?
You can pause your account as often as you need here

Need to cancel? That's ok! Thanks for giving us a shot.

  1. Go to your Account Page
  2. Click the Membership Settings link at the bottom of the page
  3. Choose Stop Subscription
  4. Provide feedback about the Club (optional)
  5. Don’t Go!

Don’t see the Membership Settings link? Make sure you’re logged in with the email you used to sign up and have the appropriate country flag in the top right-hand corner!

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